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Top features:
- 3D Hotair cooking system so you can cook to perfection 
- Less time scrubbing thanks to the EcoClean liners 
- LED display means you can time your food to keep on track 
- Built-in design for easy baking 


3D Hotair
Start cooking your favourite recipes with the Bosch MHA133BR0B Electric Double Oven. Featuring Bosch's 3D Hotair cooking system, you can get even heat distribution so your Sunday roast will cook just the way you intend, no matter what shelf you place everything on.

Less time scrubbing
Nobody wants to clean longer than they absolutely have to and with the EcoClean Direct liner, you'll be done in a flash. Positioned on the rear wall of the main oven, this allows you to simply wipe away any residue from cooking so you don't have to stand around scrubbing for ages.

LED display
With an LED display, you'll be able to set timers to keep track of the cake you're baking. This also means you can get on with some odd jobs around the house or even put your feet up before hearing the alarm and taking out your next culinary masterpiece.

Built-in design
The built-in design means you can have your oven at an accessible eye level, so keeping track of food is easy. You won't have to open the oven door to check on your latest meal and can continue prepping around the kitchen.

Bosch MHA133BR0B Built-in Double Oven

£679.00 Regular Price
£539.00Sale Price
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