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  • Boasting a range of smart features inside an easy-to-operate design, the Bosch WIW28500GB Integrated Washing Machine is sure to be a welcome addition to your home, while blending seamlessly in the kitchen.

    Energy efficient
    Awarded an outstanding A+++ for energy efficiency, you can rely on the WIW28500GB to help you make significant savings on your energy bills while keeping a green home.

    Bosch's revolutionary brushless motor has been developed to achieve maximum power with minimum energy loss. It's now quieter, faster, more energy efficient, durable and powerful.

    TimeLight alternates between projecting the remaining time and cycle status discreetly on the floor of your kitchen, so you can easily keep track of your laundry's progress.

    Super quiet
    Bosch's AntiVibration system uses sensors that monitor the load weight and movement of the drum to eliminate imbalances. Additionally, the circular design reinforces the structure of the sidewall and increases the stability of the washer. This structure, combined with enhanced insulation, regulates noise levels and reduces vibration, making the WIW28500GB very quiet throughout the entire cycle.

    WaveDrum gently agitates the water just enough to clean your laundry using paddles that safely treat the load gently or roughly depending on its material.

    Bosch has combined advanced technology to create a feature that's able to use less water while increasing performance. This is achieved by maximising water efficiency in the rinse cycles, creating faster heat-up times, targeting water circulation and improving pump performance.


  • Down wear
  • Dark wash
  • Shirts
  • Sportswear
  • Mixed load
  • Allergy
  • Super quick
  • Night wash
  • Drum clean with reminder
  • Delicate/silk programme

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Bosch WIW28500GB

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