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The 60 cm-wide Cannon CH60EKW Electric Ceramic Cooker features two spacious oven cavities, a responsive Solarplus grill and a host of modern features.

Ceramic cooking

The sleek glass surface on the Cannon CH60EKW Cooker features four highly responsive ceramic cooking zones.

The ceramic hob is incredibly easy to clean and keep looking brilliant thanks to its smooth black design.

Double oven with grill

The Cannon CH60EKW hosts two oven cavities with a combined capacity of over 100 litres.

The large main oven is fan-assisted and distributes heat evenly throughout the cavity, letting you achieve great results on all levels.

The smaller conventional oven provides additional room when you're cooking family-sized meals and is ideal for tasks such as roasting potatoes and vegetables.

The Solarplus variable grill in the upper cavity heats up in just 15 seconds for rapid power when you need it most. You can set the grill to full or half width which is ideal for smaller portions of food.

Practical features

The CH60EKW Electric Cooker benefits from a range of safety features such as hot hob indicators that light up to warn you that the ceramic surface is too hot to touch. Inside the oven is also a cooling fan which ensures the CH60EKW quickly reaches a neutral temperature after cooking has taken place.

Catalytic liners inside both ovens actively oxidise grease and excess fats when the cavity reaches over 200°C - this process allows you to quickly and easily wipe away any mess.

Indesit ID60G2K Black 60cm Gas Cooker

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